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How to clean litter box

There are no doubts that cats are our most loyal friends despite their weird attitude toward the human. It’s their nature. But for me, kittens are always my best companion. And because of that, I always try to give my cats the best living condition possible. One of the most important things is giving them a proper place to do their stuff. And by that, I mean the pooping and peeing. You might think that it’s not necessary to clean your cat litter box frequently since they’re not that dirty. But believe me, it is. And it may look like your kitten is okay with there hasn’t-been-cleaned-in-few-years litter box, they are secretly cursing you. Just kidding, you should pay more attention at your cute little fur ball box, right? And here is how you should clean it.  


PreparationYour box (obviously) – But remember to remove all the litter and other excessive stuff inside it first. And cursorily clean the inside and outside with a dry towel or a brush. This is just to remove some of the dirt so you can clean the box easier later on. Disassemble the box after that, take out all the part that is possible. This will help clean your box faster. 

Cleaning items – Some clean towel (we’ll use them to wipe the litter box after the cleaning). A brush so we could wipe out all the sticky dirt and stains. And the most important part, you need to have some deodorize and sterilize liquids. They’ll have a big effect on the cleaning. 


Start by wash out all the parts with clean water. Just put them under the falling water stream. This will remove all the dirt or at least make them softer and easier-to-clean. And after that, dip your box components in a mixture of deodorizing and sterilize liquids. Leave it for about 1 hour.  Cleaning

Take them out and rewash them with water. Carefully observe to spot any uncleaned dirt or stains. Use the prepared brush to wipe them out. After that, use the clean towel to clean the rest of your box.  

Take all your cleaned parts to a dry and sunny place and leave them there for about 6 hours. 


After they are all clean and dry, reassemble the parts just as how you disassemble them. The next thing to do is put litter inside the box. Use a neutral scent one since your box has just been cleaned. Your cat needs time to get used to this new smell. 

And if you think that your litter box is too old and dirty so you might want to buy a new one. If that’s the case, you definitely should click on this list of top-rated automatic cat litter box in 2017 button. We’ve sectioned the products in this review in commonly use categories. Surely you can find one perfect litter box out of them. 


Experience Using A System Water Filter From A Family

My family has an apartment of 4 people: husband and wife and two children. In the summer I usually boil boiling water to cool in the porcelain drink gradually. Once read online, I learned that boiled water should only be used during the day and in addition to killing viruses, bacteria, parasites, it can not eliminate toxic substances such as chemicals, needles Heavy metals such as arsenic, ammonia, lead, mercury … in water. Busy work every day to take care of children, housework … I think should buy a water purifier for convenience. Besides it, you can visit here: for getting more information

Water purifiers now have a lot of models, technologies, and brands on the market with different prices, some more advanced equipment outside the main function is pure water purification and other functions such as hot Cold, cold up to 700 used. Currently, the water purifier uses two popular technologies: Nanotechnology did not use electricity, no wastewater but based on the absorption mechanism of the filter, so convenient, but filtering is not radical, very cocoon The source of water, only suitable for places where water is extremely clean. The other type of technology uses reverse osmosis (RO) technology similar to the mechanism of action of the human kidneys: filtered waste to ensure the water source finished products of the highest quality standards for drinking water. Experience Using A System Water Filter From A Family

Water purifier with eight filter levels of 10l / h. Because of the large space, I took a cabinet to keep the machine beautiful while protecting the machine better. Cabinets made of stainless steel should not be infected from the word should be quite thick, the surface is shiny and not rusty over time. When you take water if you accidentally dropped water out with just a soft towel wipe away very easily.

Water through the machine is sweet, feel much better than my country still boiled to cool. The filtration capacity of the product is nothing to complain about because before I have to boil water every day, I usually see the white residue on the bottom of the water filter when the phenomenon completely disappears.

One special point is that from the day I bought a water filter, I was constantly plugged in, but the power consumption was extremely low. When a water purifier uses very little electricity. The pump of the product also runs very smoothly, so close to the ear or touch to feel it is working. Be careful not to see that the pump is not always running but only when the water in the tank is full to continue working to supply water to the filter system. Because it is capable of self-stopping thus saving power.

Experience Using A System Water Filter From A Family The amount of waste water out of the machine is not much: To get 10 liters of pure water will lose 3 – 4 liters of waste water. I noticed that the amount of water used in the house was increased by one cubic meter of water per month, perhaps the amount of water discharged during RO filtration. Thus, to have clean water for the whole family to eat, process food and soak vegetables, the rate of such wastewater is also negligible and completely acceptable.

A small note when using an RO water purifier is that you need to remember roughly the periodic replacement of the coarse filters to help protect the RO membrane and ensure the quality of the water. I recently received a replacement filter replacement term from the customer care center of the manufacturer. This is extremely handy because I do not need to base time complexity like some products of other brands. You can contact the telephone number on the warranty card for their technician to replace the filter at home, or if available filter but do not know how to call just, you will be instructed in detail in detail, easy to understand, Thoughtful and professional.

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How to train your service dog specialized skills?


A service dog is a great assistant for a person with disabilities for instance visual or hearing troubles, mobility issues, even mental diseases. Beside the high demand of this companion, it will take time to train a full functioned service dog. Therefore, you can train a service dog by yourself. In these previous articles, I showed you how to pick a good candidate for the training process as well as how to train the basic and advanced skills using click training. In this article, I’m going to show you the most important part – the specialized skills which are the feature that distinguish a service dog from a normal one.

Train the assistance dog specialized abilities261445_247292501950529_6595236_n

Depending on which kind of disability, there will be some specific skills that a service dog should have. For example, a deaf will need a dog which can alert him when the telephone or the doorbell rings.

There’s no need to rush. Be patient and proceed the training process step by step. Let’s take an example of teaching the therapy dog how to fetch keys. This is a complicated set of skills. The dog firstly must be able to identify the keys, take them, transport them and deliver the keys to you. To teach a dog to recognize something, apply the click training principle. Put several keys on the ground where the dog can easily see them, wait until they approach the keys, click, say “Keys” and reward. Repeat this process until the trainee get used to it.

Now, let’s proceed to the “Pick up” the keys. Protect your companion’s teeth by stick a soft ball to the keychain. Put the keychain in the dog’s mouth and click, say “Hold”, then pay him a delicious treat. Once again, perform this training for several days until he gets familiar with the cue “Hold”. Let’s test him by placing the keychain far away from him and say “Keys”, when he comes to the keys, say “Hold” in order to give the dog signal to pick the item up.  After that, use the “Come” as the cue of recalling. When the trainee comes to you, command him to sit and give the keys to you. Train him the “Give” skill with the click training principle.

It’s important to help the trainee relax and memorize better his lessons. Maintain each session length in a range between 5 and 10 minutes. Repeat each of them twice a day. Remember to train different specialized skills everyday with the aim of entertaining your service dog.

4481610Register a service dog certification

Although it’s not mandatory to perform this task, a service dog certification will be a free pass ticket for your dog to some restricted public areas such as stores, supermarket, museum…

Firstly, choose a governing body for each special type of therapy dog (for hearing impairment or visual impairment as well as an appropriate assessor. Then, beside preparing a proof that you will need the dog to accompany you, you also have to show the letter of professionals which shows that the dog is in good health status and well-trained.

Family Trick

kids-to-exercise-moreDo you want your children to exercise but don’t seem to find any way to get them to do so? Here is one, buy a trampoline at home so that they can start exercising. You may wonder how is this going to make your child exercising. In this article, I will explain the reason why your children will love it and the benefits that this exercise has.

Let’s talk about the reason first.

The reason why your kids will love this exercising is that they will have a lot of fun doing so. With other types of exercise, they may feel shy and don’t want anybody to see them exercising, the exercise is not interesting enough for them to keep doing and thus, get tired really quickly. With this exercise, they can practice right at home, without anybody strangers looking or watching. Plus, jumping high or really high is something really new to children and children are naturally curious, so they will try to do this exercise more in order to recreate that feeling again and again so that they understand it more.

As for the benefit, the first and most obvious one is that your children will exercise more

Once they experience the feeling of flying, there’s a high chance that they will love it and possibly be addicted to it, which will cause them to exercise more to satisfy their good addiction. This will improve their health so that they have more energy to study or to do whatever they like.

The next benefit is that it will improve your children’s self-esteem

improve-your-childrens-self-esteemThrough practicing and acquiring a new skill, children can improve their own self-image and confidence, making them believe in themselves more, which will affect positively other aspects of their life. By believing that they can do anything, children will have higher tendency to try and learn new things and as a result, they are more likely to be more successful in school and in life.

Last of all, it teaches children persistence

best-outdoors-trampolineMastering a skill on a trampoline is no walk in the park, both literally and figuratively. Therefore, children will have to try and fail a lot of times in order to reach competence level. Fortunately, though, the process of jumping on a trampoline is fun so they will happily do it again and again in spite of failing countless time. And this persistence will be the foundation for everything that they want to learn or even master later in life.

The benefits of this exercise are indeed fantastic for your children. Nonetheless, you, as responsible parents, should pay attention to the safety of your children all the time. Invest some extra cash in a safety net so as to prevent anything unwanted from happening to your precious little angels.

So do you have any intention of purchasing a new trampoline for the house? If so, you’re in luck. Visit this website for more information, it has in-store the best outdoors trampoline as well as indoors one and much more.

Pet care

best-dog-hair-clipperOn the market there are many types of clipper for dogs, comes from multiple brands and multiple prices and quality are not the same. You get quite confusing when it comes to choosing the best products, best suited to your lovely dog. You can go here to see the best dog hair clippers on the market today. Besides, in this article, I want to advise you some ways to take care of plumage tips for pets (dogs, cats …) so that the most effective. The main steps are as follows:


Before conducting grooming for dogs, do you consider paying all aspects thoroughly? Now you may not see it is a lovely dog, but a patient will need help.

The requirements for care of dog fur

The coat of the dog should regularly be brushed, massage and rub lightly. In the case of necessity, you have to bend, molding similar to human hair. I will guide you through how to take care of plumage

The types of dog hair
type of dog hairDogs have different hair types, but mainly: Hard Coat, fluffy and curly hair … In many places, people often distinguish the coat: Short, long, sparse, thick … If not taken care of the baby, many dogs were not happy about the care for their fur, especially when to bring back them out, making them feel uncomfortable. Markets sell all kinds of shower gel, conditioner … dedicated to all different kinds of dogs. It is important for you to choose with the plumage of your dog to use

How to care for a dog coat

Dog Care must correspond with our constitution, which we are relaxed, comfortable, and responsive to changes in climate and weather of the year. First of all, you must take measures to eliminate all kinds of insects jump, ticks, lice and parasites cling to dogs other harmful. Each type or some parasite own pesticides. Not harmful to dogs. You can search on the internet or ask your veterinarian for information and more precise details. Dog hair must always be the natural fat layer to protect. Therefore, if a dog is grooming regularly will feel comfortable, enjoy, be relaxed. Fur is dirty, caked not only cause discomfort but the dogs makes them more susceptible to many different diseases, skin diseases as well as diseases of organs. Dirty dogs are also favorable conditions for harmful parasite development. Dog grooming is not only dirt but also makes them sticky blood circulation better dog. Many dogs have behavioral molt in the spring and autumn. During shedding you must use the comb or brush sir, different may appropriate, to take away the old feathers fall out, and new hair grows help for the better and easier to breathe better. When grooming dogs, you have to pay special attention to areas such as flat coat problems, loss or damaged skin. Typically many of you just brush the dog fur on the back and hips. But fur neck, nape and between their legs are prone to pilling place and hard.


How to choose a stability running shoes

Buying a shoes is just like buying a shirt. When you are at the store you think that they are perfect but after some time you begin to feel that they are not that perfect after all. After a few miles, they start to feel uncomfortable and wear out. But choosing a comfortable and stability shoes is quite hard if you are not an expert. In this post, we will guide you to choose the best stability running shoes.

Running ground


Choosing your shoes base on your running ground, this does not only makes your shoes last longer but also help you avoid foot injuries. If you usually run on road or track, a flat sole shoes is perfect for you. They are light-weight, flexible with good balance and cushion. On the other hand, trail running shoes have good traction and balance. They are also well designed to protect your feet.

Running type

What kind of running you usually do? Is it marathon, cardio running or sprinting? How much distance you usually run. If you are just doing basic cardio running then your shoes doesn’t have to be very well design, they just need to be light-weight and balance. Since you are not going to use it too much. If your running styles is marathon then your shoes must be well constructed and don’t feel uncomfortable in a long run. Sprinting shoes need to be very well designed to improve your speed and its stability.

Instep and foot type


Instep style

There are two kinds of instep when people running. Overpronate and under pronate. If you have overpronated instep, choose shoes that are well built and have support motion control. And if you have under pronate instep, well-designed shoes with the thick, soft and comfortable sole is perfect for you.

Running pronation

There are 3 types of running pronation.


Over pronation is that when you are running, the inward part often takes more impact than other parts of the feet. Using the wrong shoes could cause pain and injuries for your knees. In this case, you need a stability or well motion control shoes.

Under pronation

Your running style often causes impact to the outward of your feet. You need a good cushion and flexible shoes.

Neutral pronation

In this type of running, the middle of the foot or the forefoot take much of the impact. A heel to toe shoes is perfect for this.

Some tips for choosing the right shoes

  • Buy shoes in the afternoon. This may sound ridiculous but in the afternoon your feet is bigger so you can choose a shoes that fit you the most.
  • Use a good quality insole for your shoes.
  • Choose shoes with an extra space in the tip. Because when you running the foot is tend to lend forward.

Follow our guide to choosing the best stability shoes. And don’t forget to clean your shoes after running. Check our website for shoes cleaning guide.


Caring Your Car


The car plays a vitae role in our life. This mean of transportation is considered as a daily necessity for traveling around, for running errands, for communication from work accompanying your family to the restaurant and etc. In some countries, the car is also a symbol of extravagance. Amid the key automotive components, sound system or car speakers are very crucial for those who enjoys listening music when driving. This accessory was firstly introduced to public in 1930. Since that moment, car speakers were cherished by the majority of car owners. Thanks to its great features, there is a wide range of car speakers available on the market today. Thus, it’s not an easy task when it comes to purchasing the best car speakers. That’s why this article was written.
There are 5 elements of a car speaker that you should consider before going to the car accessories shop which are sound quality, impedance, speaker sensitivity, power handling ability and finally price.

5 factors


Sound Quality

The sound quality of a car speaker depends on how sharp the notes and basses will be at different volumes. In order to quantify this criterion, audio specialists has suggested the Total Harmonic Distortion (TDH) which is the measurement of how good the speak is capable of interpreting the audio languages stored within a disc or a flash drive into sound. The bigger the TDH the more distortion. It’d better choose a speaker with TDH figure ranging from 0.05% to 0.1%.

Signal to Noise Ratio means the proportion of quality sound to noise. Simply put, the higher the ratio the better the sound quality. You should choose a speaker with this signal within the range from 90 to 100.

One more crucial figure is the Headroom in case you want your speaker to well perform when it comes to short bursts. The bigger the Headroom the better.


According to Wikipedia, Electrical impedance is “the measure of the opposition that a circuit presents to a current when a voltage is applied”. In other words, the figure Impedance measures how much current that a car speaker can absorb. The higher the impedance the less current the speaker takes in. Most of speakers’ impedance is 8 ohms. A high-end one is 4 ohms but a little pricey. However, you will need a exceptional amplifier to maximize the potential of this speaker.

Speaker Sensitivity

This is a very important figure that every speaker purchaser should consider because the more sensitive a speaker the less power it requires from the amp to sound great. However, a speaker with high sensitivity is very pricey.

Power Handling Ability

This figure indicates the maximum power a speaker can suffer without being bursting. You should find speakers with a power handling RMS rating ranging from 120 watts per pair to 360 watts per pair.


A good car speaker isn’t cheap. Therefore, make sure you invest in the right pair of speakers which fit your space as well as sound needs.




Home Tools

Tips to choose the best chainsaw?


It’s not an easy task when choosing a good chainsaw for your house. Most of novice buyers will be overwhelmed by the information regarding to chainsaw products available on the internet when you type the keyword “Best chainsaw” in Google search box. Therefore, we decided to write a tutorial on how to choose a good chainsaw with the aim of saving your time and guiding you through the maze of marketers and sellers on the market.

Firstly, know who you are and what you need


I f you use a chainsaw for light cutting purpose for example pruning and trimming trees around the yard, then an electric chainsaw will suit your needs. Otherwise, a gas chainsaw is for the professionals. Some of the best electric chainsaw can even cut the logs for firewood. However, if you want to go deeply into a forest to find logs, I highly recommend you to buy a gas one or an electric saw with battery.

How long have you been using this device? If you are novice, a guide bar of 18’’ or less should be your choice. On the other hand, experienced one will need a guide bar of at least 20’’.

A gas chainsaw is useful for you to cut hard trees such as oak, birch, hard maple… but requires regular upkeep. If you rarely use the saw, you should a buy an electric one thanks to its rare requirement of maintenance.

Where you live matters. If you live in a rural area, then noise doesn’t cause any problem, then a gas saw may be suitable for you because of its loud engine. Otherwise, an electric one is quite quiet and suitable for the urban family.

What should you consider when selecting a chainsaw?

I will give you some noticeable thing that you should consider when choosing a chainsaw.

Guide bar length is an important aspect


One rule of thumb is that the bar length should be 2’’ longer than the piece of wood needed to be cut. However, there are some logs which are so big that you will need to cut too times in order to finish the task. It depends on how often you have to cut the big trees. However, you will need a lot of strength in order to keep the long guide bar chainsaw balanced and firmly. So please consider how strong you are in order to prevent yourself from injury.

What kind of power source does it apply?

You are already known that there are 3 types of chainsaw engine powers. An electric one is good for household projects which don’t require a lot of strength or experiences. A gas one is for the professional uses just like cutting the big logs inside the forest, a chainsaw using battery is perfect for the tiny pruning projects.

More about Power source:

Safety matters

Every year, there are about 100 thousands of accidents caused by the violation of safety rules. However, knowledge and practice is not enough, spend some extra money on the protective gears in other to reduce your risk.

Home Tools

The drill press is an essential tool if you are someone who is familiar with woodworking. It was originally designed for woodworking and metalworking crafts, it used for cutting, drilling and jigs. Today, with so many attachments available, the drill press has become a really powerful all-in-one tool. It can become a spindle sander, grinder, mortise driller and many more. But with so many drill press on the market, it can be difficult for you to find yourself the right one. And I think it’s my job to bringing you the best products so you can save your time and money. I have done some drill press review base on my experience and through the Internet and here is the list of some of the best drill press that I think you will find much interested.

High-range price

Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press ($1049.00 – Amazon): This is something that the professional user will love. It can do everything that a drill can do and even come with additional attachments.


It bigger than other drill in the price range and have a much more solid and durable build quality. The auto-tensioning belt drive system allows for fast and easy speed changes while it can still maximizing transmission efficiency. It also come with a full 6-inch quill stroke for deeper drilling applications and best-in-class capacity. Micro-adjustable depth stops and independent depth scale allows the user to zero the scale and set up for repetitive drilling quickly and easily. Moreover, it has a five year of warranty.


Pricing is a little bit high for its price range. But despite the expensive price, this drill press is really awesome. And maybe its durability can even save you more money.

Mid-range price

JET J-2530 15-Inch 3/4-Horspower 115-Volt Bench Model Drill Press ($549.00 – Amazon): And if you want something that is less pricy but still has some great features then this is the drill press you should consider buying.


It has a very solid build quality and comes with a powerful engine. Its large quill allows greater accuracy and head casting features a permanently lubricated ball bearing spindle assembly, using four heavy duty ball bearings in an enclosed quill for longer life. The table can tilt 45 degree and the large ground steel column diameter for maximum head and table support.


The only problem I had with the drill press was with on the front pulley not set square on the spindle top and it wobbled. I used a 32mm socket wrench to loosen the nut and re-centered the pulley. It’s ok now.

Low-range price

SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press ($169.99 – Amazon): For this column I will introduce you to the best budget drill press that most of the new comer will be interest. This is not a production drill press. It’s designed for the home shop, with medium-to-heavy usage by one to two people.


It is well built and very smooth and quiet in its operation. In fact, it has the feel of a precision tool as opposed to a plain old drill press. This thing looks and feels like it should cost twice as much as it does. For medium-duty usage its functions perform flawlessly.


Not for those who are expecting a heavy usage drill press.

Thank you for reading, these are all great products for theirs price. You should really consider buying one base on your needs. First, you must decide what you want your tool to do. Then you can choose the tool that suitable the most.

Delay Pedal

The main reason why delay pedals are one of the most popular guitar devices among the other sonic effects is how wonderful the delay effect is. Delay effect is an audio effect which not only makes your sound professionally shining and three-dimensional, but also create a plenty of no-so-subtle sounds and textures which can imitate the rhythmic repeats within a stone cathedral or fake the twins-guitar sounds or be used together with live looping.

Due to its popularity, there are a wide range of delay pedal brands available on the market. For novice guitarists, we highly recommend you to choose the best delay pedal under 100 which suits your budget as well as your training purpose.

In this article, we will show you some general information regarding to delay pedal which are how the pedal controls work and how to set up your delay pedal within a chain in order to maximize its potential.

Which are the buttons available on a Delay Pedal?

delay-pedalThere are commonly 3 buttons on a delay pedal which are related to the Time, Feedback and Level.

The “Time” knob allows us to adjust how long your signal repetition interval is. Guitarists prefer using Milliseconds in order to measure this time length. The majority of delay pedal doesn’t have a screen displaying this time, therefore, therefore, it will be difficult for you to choose an exact delay time.

“Feedback” knob aka “Repeat” knob permits us to control how many time the signal will be repeated. The quantity of repeats varies from 1 time to infinite times.

“Level” knob will help us adjust the volume of repeated signals which can vary from absolutely nothing to as big as the original signal.

How to set up a delay pedal together with other audio devices?How-to-set-up-1024x593

In case you want to use the Delay Pedal together with other audio devices, it’s crucial to determine their positions and orders within the chain, notably a chain with distortion, overdrive and fuzz pedal together. A simple rule to keep in mind is that you should place the distortion pedal before the delay one. The concept behind this rule is pretty simple. You will delay the distorted sound instead of distorting the delayed sound which is quite emotional and unremarkable. Guitarists often place the delay pedal at the end of the chain in order to copy all of the previous signals and then delay it. The distortion pedal is usually placed right at the beginning of the chain because of its strong impact on the fundamental note.

Remember to plug your delay pedal into your amp’s effect loop if you want to take the dirt-before-delay with an amp which includes the distortion effect. The reason behind this tip is pretty simple, the delay will come in the chain after the preamp gain. If you want to record, the solution is much simpler because you are able to record the amp ignoring the other effects and later plus the delay effect in the post-production process.