How to choose a stability running shoes

Buying a shoes is just like buying a shirt. When you are at the store you think that they are perfect but after some time you begin to feel that they are not that perfect after all. After a few miles, they start to feel uncomfortable and wear out. But choosing a comfortable and stability shoes is quite hard if you are not an expert. In this post, we will guide you to choose the best stability running shoes.

Running ground


Choosing your shoes base on your running ground, this does not only makes your shoes last longer but also help you avoid foot injuries. If you usually run on road or track, a flat sole shoes is perfect for you. They are light-weight, flexible with good balance and cushion. On the other hand, trail running shoes have good traction and balance. They are also well designed to protect your feet.

Running type

What kind of running you usually do? Is it marathon, cardio running or sprinting? How much distance you usually run. If you are just doing basic cardio running then your shoes doesn’t have to be very well design, they just need to be light-weight and balance. Since you are not going to use it too much. If your running styles is marathon then your shoes must be well constructed and don’t feel uncomfortable in a long run. Sprinting shoes need to be very well designed to improve your speed and its stability.

Instep and foot type


Instep style

There are two kinds of instep when people running. Overpronate and under pronate. If you have overpronated instep, choose shoes that are well built and have support motion control. And if you have under pronate instep, well-designed shoes with the thick, soft and comfortable sole is perfect for you.

Running pronation

There are 3 types of running pronation.


Over pronation is that when you are running, the inward part often takes more impact than other parts of the feet. Using the wrong shoes could cause pain and injuries for your knees. In this case, you need a stability or well motion control shoes.

Under pronation

Your running style often causes impact to the outward of your feet. You need a good cushion and flexible shoes.

Neutral pronation

In this type of running, the middle of the foot or the forefoot take much of the impact. A heel to toe shoes is perfect for this.

Some tips for choosing the right shoes

  • Buy shoes in the afternoon. This may sound ridiculous but in the afternoon your feet is bigger so you can choose a shoes that fit you the most.
  • Use a good quality insole for your shoes.
  • Choose shoes with an extra space in the tip. Because when you running the foot is tend to lend forward.

Follow our guide to choosing the best stability shoes. And don’t forget to clean your shoes after running. Check our website for shoes cleaning guide.


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