Experience Using A System Water Filter From A Family

My family has an apartment of 4 people: husband and wife and two children. In the summer I usually boil boiling water to cool in the porcelain drink gradually. Once read online, I learned that boiled water should only be used during the day and in addition to killing viruses, bacteria, parasites, it can not eliminate toxic substances such as chemicals, needles Heavy metals such as arsenic, ammonia, lead, mercury … in water. Busy work every day to take care of children, housework … I think should buy a water purifier for convenience. Besides it, you can visit here: for getting more information

Water purifiers now have a lot of models, technologies, and brands on the market with different prices, some more advanced equipment outside the main function is pure water purification and other functions such as hot Cold, cold up to 700 used. Currently, the water purifier uses two popular technologies: Nanotechnology did not use electricity, no wastewater but based on the absorption mechanism of the filter, so convenient, but filtering is not radical, very cocoon The source of water, only suitable for places where water is extremely clean. The other type of technology uses reverse osmosis (RO) technology similar to the mechanism of action of the human kidneys: filtered waste to ensure the water source finished products of the highest quality standards for drinking water. Experience Using A System Water Filter From A Family

Water purifier with eight filter levels of 10l / h. Because of the large space, I took a cabinet to keep the machine beautiful while protecting the machine better. Cabinets made of stainless steel should not be infected from the word should be quite thick, the surface is shiny and not rusty over time. When you take water if you accidentally dropped water out with just a soft towel wipe away very easily.

Water through the machine is sweet, feel much better than my country still boiled to cool. The filtration capacity of the product is nothing to complain about because before I have to boil water every day, I usually see the white residue on the bottom of the water filter when the phenomenon completely disappears.

One special point is that from the day I bought a water filter, I was constantly plugged in, but the power consumption was extremely low. When a water purifier uses very little electricity. The pump of the product also runs very smoothly, so close to the ear or touch to feel it is working. Be careful not to see that the pump is not always running but only when the water in the tank is full to continue working to supply water to the filter system. Because it is capable of self-stopping thus saving power.

Experience Using A System Water Filter From A Family The amount of waste water out of the machine is not much: To get 10 liters of pure water will lose 3 – 4 liters of waste water. I noticed that the amount of water used in the house was increased by one cubic meter of water per month, perhaps the amount of water discharged during RO filtration. Thus, to have clean water for the whole family to eat, process food and soak vegetables, the rate of such wastewater is also negligible and completely acceptable.

A small note when using an RO water purifier is that you need to remember roughly the periodic replacement of the coarse filters to help protect the RO membrane and ensure the quality of the water. I recently received a replacement filter replacement term from the customer care center of the manufacturer. This is extremely handy because I do not need to base time complexity like some products of other brands. You can contact the telephone number on the warranty card for their technician to replace the filter at home, or if available filter but do not know how to call just, you will be instructed in detail in detail, easy to understand, Thoughtful and professional.

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