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How to clean litter box

There are no doubts that cats are our most loyal friends despite their weird attitude toward the human. It’s their nature. But for me, kittens are always my best companion. And because of that, I always try to give my cats the best living condition possible. One of the most important things is giving them a proper place to do their stuff. And by that, I mean the pooping and peeing. You might think that it’s not necessary to clean your cat litter box frequently since they’re not that dirty. But believe me, it is. And it may look like your kitten is okay with there hasn’t-been-cleaned-in-few-years litter box, they are secretly cursing you. Just kidding, you should pay more attention at your cute little fur ball box, right? And here is how you should clean it.  


PreparationYour box (obviously) – But remember to remove all the litter and other excessive stuff inside it first. And cursorily clean the inside and outside with a dry towel or a brush. This is just to remove some of the dirt so you can clean the box easier later on. Disassemble the box after that, take out all the part that is possible. This will help clean your box faster. 

Cleaning items – Some clean towel (we’ll use them to wipe the litter box after the cleaning). A brush so we could wipe out all the sticky dirt and stains. And the most important part, you need to have some deodorize and sterilize liquids. They’ll have a big effect on the cleaning. 


Start by wash out all the parts with clean water. Just put them under the falling water stream. This will remove all the dirt or at least make them softer and easier-to-clean. And after that, dip your box components in a mixture of deodorizing and sterilize liquids. Leave it for about 1 hour.  Cleaning

Take them out and rewash them with water. Carefully observe to spot any uncleaned dirt or stains. Use the prepared brush to wipe them out. After that, use the clean towel to clean the rest of your box.  

Take all your cleaned parts to a dry and sunny place and leave them there for about 6 hours. 


After they are all clean and dry, reassemble the parts just as how you disassemble them. The next thing to do is put litter inside the box. Use a neutral scent one since your box has just been cleaned. Your cat needs time to get used to this new smell. 

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