How to make a home cinema

With the advance of technology today, going to the movie theater is no longer considered a luxury. Many people nowadays don’t even have to go to the cinema, they turn their home into a home theater and enjoy it right at the comfort of their own house. If they can do it then you can do it too. Here’s how:

Screen system

screenFirst and most obviously, you are going to need a screen and a sound system. Let’s talk about the screen first. Needless to say, you will need a big screen in order to even call it a home theater. The good news is that, prices for TV screens nowadays are very competitive, which means that many brands will try to sell their product for a price lower than that of their competitors in order to win customers. Next is don’t pay too much attention to the specification like refresh rate, contrast level, etc use your eyes instead. See with your own eyes if the image quality is good or bad. If you are really up for it, go for a curve screen for even better immersion experience. If not 4K TV screen should be enough for your personal home cinema.

Sound system

sound-systemNext is the sound system. Even the most modern TV screens do not have an excellent speaker built-in. That’s why it is important to purchase the right sound system for a theater-like experience. If you have extra money to spare, go for a 7.1 sound system; if not 5.1 should suffice. Another thing to take into consideration is that if you have a big house then a floor-standing speaker is perfect to fill the whole room with sounds, creating a truly cinema experience. If you lack space, however, look for compact sound system, which is not as good as floor-standing one but very suitable for your little room.

In addition to that, it’s important to feel absolutely comfortable when watching your favorite movies. A comfortable couch is obvious but to elevate the experience, reclining section or cup and snack holder should be added as well. Position your seat in accordance with the size of the screen. The bigger the screen is, the further the seat is from the TV. Keep adjusting the couch until you have found your perfect spot.

Lighting System

lighting-systemUp next is lighting because cinema room should be dim or dark and sound isolated. Blackout curtains should do the trick as it boost the contrast of the screen, keep external noise at bay and make the experience more real. If you’re really up for the game, put a big rug in front of the couch you are going to sit. This will increase the sound quality even higher for a truly cinematic experience.

Lastly, get your movies collection, e.g vintage and modern, or movies series such as Westworld ep one  or Walking Dead out and watch them in a whole new way, movies after movies or episodes after episodes, however you want.

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