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Tips to choose the best chainsaw?


It’s not an easy task when choosing a good chainsaw for your house. Most of novice buyers will be overwhelmed by the information regarding to chainsaw products available on the internet when you type the keyword “Best chainsaw” in Google search box. Therefore, we decided to write a tutorial on how to choose a good chainsaw with the aim of saving your time and guiding you through the maze of marketers and sellers on the market.

Firstly, know who you are and what you need


I f you use a chainsaw for light cutting purpose for example pruning and trimming trees around the yard, then an electric chainsaw will suit your needs. Otherwise, a gas chainsaw is for the professionals. Some of the best electric chainsaw can even cut the logs for firewood. However, if you want to go deeply into a forest to find logs, I highly recommend you to buy a gas one or an electric saw with battery.

How long have you been using this device? If you are novice, a guide bar of 18’’ or less should be your choice. On the other hand, experienced one will need a guide bar of at least 20’’.

A gas chainsaw is useful for you to cut hard trees such as oak, birch, hard maple… but requires regular upkeep. If you rarely use the saw, you should a buy an electric one thanks to its rare requirement of maintenance.

Where you live matters. If you live in a rural area, then noise doesn’t cause any problem, then a gas saw may be suitable for you because of its loud engine. Otherwise, an electric one is quite quiet and suitable for the urban family.

What should you consider when selecting a chainsaw?

I will give you some noticeable thing that you should consider when choosing a chainsaw.

Guide bar length is an important aspect


One rule of thumb is that the bar length should be 2’’ longer than the piece of wood needed to be cut. However, there are some logs which are so big that you will need to cut too times in order to finish the task. It depends on how often you have to cut the big trees. However, you will need a lot of strength in order to keep the long guide bar chainsaw balanced and firmly. So please consider how strong you are in order to prevent yourself from injury.

What kind of power source does it apply?

You are already known that there are 3 types of chainsaw engine powers. An electric one is good for household projects which don’t require a lot of strength or experiences. A gas one is for the professional uses just like cutting the big logs inside the forest, a chainsaw using battery is perfect for the tiny pruning projects.

More about Power source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_source

Safety matters

Every year, there are about 100 thousands of accidents caused by the violation of safety rules. However, knowledge and practice is not enough, spend some extra money on the protective gears in other to reduce your risk.

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